Zee, storm en duister DIY zine is een in eigen beheer uitgegeven magazine dat uitkomt wanneer iets moois is om te laten zien. Het is ontstaan tijdens een creatief armoedige periode waarbij een serie vakantiefoto's toffer waren geworden dan ik had gedacht. Het principe van alles zelf willen doen en 'Waarommagikhiereigenlijknieteenboekjevanmakenalsikdatverdommewil?' en de relatief lage kosten stonden me enorm aan. Inmiddels zijn er zeven edities met verschillende thema's en samenwerkingen.


#008: Milo Gil

Is it a plane?

Is it a spraypainted scooter?

If it’s not funny or straight up beautiful, it better be really sad. Words that Milo Gil’s photos live by. As far as I know him, these images are a great reflection of Milo’s mind. We worked together in a bar, and sometimes his mind drifted and he said something so ridiculously strange that it made some colleagues stare blankly back at him. But now I see that his photos and the words that came out of his mouth actually made sense.

A mixture of sceneries and the everyday life, objects you run into on the streets. There is a certain beauty in a provisionally fixed scooter. The owner might not have a lot of money, but the saddle gets torn, so what do you do? You get a piece of tape and fix it. But the piece of tape loses its grip after time, so what do you do next? You just tape the whole saddle. But now the color of the body is looking weird next to the silver shine of the duct tape. Well fuck it, let’s spray paint the whole scooter gold. Presto, the whole thing looks in unison again. That’s nothing to make fun of, it’s a great look for a photo. A pair of old televisions as a subject of your imagination. And a bagel makes total sense as a lifebuoy. The wind blowing into your tent on holidays. Do you hear the leaves rustling as you get up? You exit the tent, and discover a dead pigeon lying on the windshield of your car. A plane landed in the fake grass.

Well, that’s life for ya.

Fotografie: Milo Gil
Edit: Milo Gil en Koen Tornij
Tekst: Koen Tornij
Typography: Studio Another Day

September 2020, A5, 64 pagina's full color op 115 grams gerecycled papier, oplage:25.